Local Transportation in Cornwall

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Local Transportation in Cornwall

Before you book your Cornwall holiday cottages, it would help to know a few things about the local transportation in Cornwall. Even those packing their bags for Newquay holidays would do well to know about the various travel options in Cornwall to make sure that they have a hassle free tour. So, here are some important facts to remember before you visit the place.

Buses, Taxis and Cars

While staying at Cornwall holiday cottages, you can avail the public transport system to visit various tourist attractions. Several bus companies like First Bus, Western Greyhound, and Truronian operate in Cornwall. However, you will have to learn about the bus services that serve the region where you are staying in order to make a wise choice.

You can also hire cars and taxis to enjoy a higher level of comfort provided your travel budget permits the same.

Most of the time the roads in Cornwall are easy to manoeuvre and are free of traffic jams. However, some round abounds may not be so easy to get through especially in the evening. The roads and attractions have sufficient signposts to guide you around and are easily accessible. You might want to take a taxi and get around during your Newquay holidays.

The roads of Cornwall are often classified into “A” roads, which are the major roads and may even have dual carriageways. Those marked as “B” roads are the smaller ones, most of which are single track roads. You can also get many unclassified roads, most of which have a single track with high hedges on both the sides.

So, enjoying a drive on them during your Newquay holidays can be adventurous! You can easily find your way around the place while staying at the spacious Cornwall holiday cottages.

Trains and Cycles

First Great Western and Virgin Trains operate regular train services between the key places of Cornwall. Various outlying towns are even served by the former through a number of branch lines.

In case you have thought of exploring the region by cycling, you will be happy to know that certain types of trains in Cornwall can carry bicycles. Many staffed train stations offer a guide called ‘Cycling by train’ to give you more information on the matter. Remember to check with the train operator always before travelling. Some rail stations in Cornwall even have cycle lockers where vacationers staying at Cornwall holiday cottages can keep their bicycles and related accessories safely by renting the places in case they plan to make return visits soon. You can also use a bicycle to get around during your Newquay holidays.

Apart from these transportation options, some major towns in Cornwall are also served by Megabus, which is a preferred choice for many as the ticket prices are pretty cheap and start from as low as from £1. A few places of the region are also served by ferries but you will need to get more information about the area where your Cornwall holiday cottages are situated. Even if you plan to visit various Cornish attractions during your Newquay holidays, this information about local transportation in Cornwall is sure to come handy.

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