Wales, Ireland, North Ireland and Scotland are completely indipentent or they submit to the Queen or England?

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Wales, Ireland, North Ireland and Scotland are completely indipentent or they submit to the Queen or England?

Question by NONAME: Wales, Ireland, North Ireland and Scotland are completely indipentent or they submit to the Queen or England?
Thank you, i came from Italy and i have got this dubt so far along

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Answer by SeryVolk969
The Republic of Ireland is independent and sovereign.
Wales,Northern Ireland and Scotland are all part of the United Kingdom.
The Queen of England is also Queen of Scots.
Submission doesn’t come into it,at least in the modern era.
The United Kingdom is a constitutional monarchy and liberal democracy.

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David T says:

The Queen is Head of State in the United Kingdom. As a constitutional monarch, Her Majesty does not ‘rule’ the country. The United Kingdom comprises England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Ireland is not involved at all – it is a separate country.

Princess Psycho says:

Wales was an independent Principality until the late 13 th Century when England invaded and conquered it, because the Welsh Prince didn’t pay Edward I homage, Scotland was independent until 1707 when it was forced into a union due to English fears that Scotland would ally with France, when Scotland had bankrupted itself in a disasterous colony in Central America which the English certainly helped in causing it to fail. The Irish were invaded by the English in the late 12 th Century and spent several centuries trying to get rid of the English with mixed results until finally kicking them out in 1922 however the British kept Northern Ireland just to be a thorn in the side of the new Irish republic. None of the countries submit to the Queen or England, the Queen is recognised as the head of state in the United Kingdom as a constitional monarch.

ellie says:

Ireland is completely independent.

Wales, N Ireland and Scotland still submit to the UK Parliament and the Queen, but they can make their own decisions on certain issues. They each have Assemblies, which have certain powers, but it varies between each of them as to the powers they have.

Kid B says:

The Republic of Ireland (Southern Ireland) is a totally independent country. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own regional governments that are responsible for certain things (like health, schools, etc.) and as far as I am aware, they do not have to get the Queen to sign bills to pass them. But the Queen is still officially the Head of State.

The UK government consists of representative from throughout the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and NI). Any bills passed by them have to be signed off and confirmed by the Queen. This is largely a ceremonial role, and the Queen signs everything that Parliament passes.

We have a pretty confusing system here in the UK, so I doubt that would make it any clearer for you. It’s taken me years to get to grips with it and I live here!

budding author says:

I can understand your confusion.
The British passport has words to the effect:-
The holder of this passport is a citizen and subject of Britain.
Not the exact wording, but close enough.
I am Scottish, I do not want to be a subject of any country, I just want to be a citizen of Scotland.

DannyOne says:

The Republic of Ireland is a Sovereign nation. These others belong to the United Kingdom.
The Queen od future King are just really expensive figure heads and very rich besides. A parliamentary government rules the land.

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